Glenn Nye: hostage negotiator, alum, congressman!

It’s no surprise when Georgetown alumni are elected to Congress, but the story of Glenn Nye (SFS ’96) is worth hearing. The thirty-three year old Nye was victorious in Virginia’s second Congressional district last night, narrowly defeating GOP incumbent Thelma Drake.

Nye has an amazing life story, despite being only 33.  He began his career by working for the European Band for Reconstruction and Development, joined the State Department to serve in Macdonia, Kosovo and Singapore, and has served on tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nye is also a recipient of the State Department’s Superior Honor Award.  While working in Macedonia he secured the release of 26 American citizens caught behind insurgent lines and negotiated for the release of an American hostage.

In the Times list of House races where Republicans were expected to win narrowly, Nye was one of only 2-3 likely Democratic upsets.

Photo from Flickr user lawyermama used under a Creative Commons license

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