Long live the king, for now: George the Third finally gets good

Aspiring Georgetown gossip blog George the Third has finally started earning its arch tone. When we found George last month, he was busy squandering his promise (“the essence of the Vanity Fair campus”) on writing about Sarah Palin and leggings.

Halloween has reinvigorated George, though. The jewel in his crown are two pictures that seem to show someone cheating on his girlfriend, but the less prurient can enjoy some good and bad Halloween costumes.

But in his success, George has already sowed the seeds for his discovery. It’s already clear from the vantage point of earlier pictures that George lives on the side of Copley facing ICC. The Halloween pictures give more clues–a lot of the praised costumes aren’t that great, suggesting the king is shouting-out friends.

4 Comments on “Long live the king, for now: George the Third finally gets good

  1. You’re giving George the Third way too much credit. All George does is snap low-quality photos from Copley or steals pics off Facebook and then complements them with insipid, uninteresting commentary.

  2. Yeah, low-quality and just from Facebook. But he/she is scrappy, a blogger, and a fan of Gossip Girl–a veritable triple threat.

    The Paris Hilton fascination I could do without.

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