Oh wait, that was yesterday? D.C. elections roundup.

Four more years!

228,062 people, or 53.44 percent of registered D.C. voters, flooded the polls yesterday for the Nov. 4th general elections, and the D.C. Board of Election & Ethics handled them with less difficulty than we expected. This morning, DCBOEE posted unofficial election results, complete with an At-Large surprise:

92.46 percent of D.C. voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama (D)–who won the whole thing last night, by the way.

Voters ushered Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) back to her seat as Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives with a handy 92.32 percent of votes. She’ll be joined on the Hill by Shadow Representative Mike Panetta (D) and Shadow Senator Paul Strauss (D)-because like Alaskan voters, D.C. voters think a little legal trouble ain’t no thing.

Sure-thing Kwame Brown (D) was reelected as one of two D.C. City Council At-Large members. The other is dark horse Michael Brown (I), who enjoyed the Voice bump back in October and has now gone on to stomp both incumbent write-in candidate Carol Schwartz (R) and the man with whom she has been locked in fisticuffs, Patrick Mara (R).

And it wouldn’t be a D.C. election if Ward 2’s Jack Evans (D) wasn’t swept back into office over whichever scrappy challenges his opponents have to offer–this time it was Christina Culver (R) who was spotted at Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission on Monday.

Speaking of which, the face of our ANC didn’t change much, barring the loss of Georgetown University’s ANC rep Jenna Lowenstein (COL `09) as she graduates. She’ll be replaced by Aaron Golds (COL `11) who won over 45 student voters and felt pretty fancy seeing his name on the ballot.

The rest of the ANC crew remains the same. A feeble write-in campaign even saved Bill “Aw shucks, I was busy” Skelsey from ANC oblivion. Despite anticipating being voted into office on the wrong day, Skesley garnered 133 votes, or 100 percent of his single member district’s votes.

Photo from Flickr user Fashionfightspovertydc used under a Creative Commons license

8 Comments on “Oh wait, that was yesterday? D.C. elections roundup.

  1. That’s really sweet. I liked the part where the old lady was wheeled in to vote. We were a bunch of babies here, too.

  2. Michael Brown is a criminal. The Georgetown Voice editorial board is idiotic…who endorses michael brown?

  3. You’re right that Michael Brown is lame. But as for who endorses Michael Brown–not the editorial board! That was a column written by only one of our writers who wasn’t even on the Ed Board at the time.

    What crimes are you talking about?

  4. Alright, I’ll own up to being the one who endorsed Michael Brown. He’s definitely not the greatest, but given the options, I thought he was the best bet. I found Carol Schwartz really underwhelming (and, given her essentially non-existent campaigning, the odds of her winning were negligible) and while I liked Patrick Mara a lot, I was uncomfortable with many of his economic stances and the sense that he was so beholden to the business community.

    Who’d you end up voting for?

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