Hoya writer visits Voice: “It was an uncomfortable laugh for me.”

Ever wondered what it’s like on Wednesday night when the Voice puts a new issue together? Read this article by The Hoya’s Max Sarinsky anyway. He charmed us last week at production night and now he’s written about it.

The most notable thing about the Voice, apparently? We act tough, but really that’s just the only way we know to express affection. From a scene where blog editors past and present shame a freshman who wrote something terrible (emphasis added):

Sam first convinced the freshman (whose name I have agreed to omit from this article) that he posted his draft of the article on The Voice’s blog under the headline, “Worst Freshman Article.” Once the freshman caught on to the joke, the others in the office posted the first lines of the article on JuicyCampus.

It was the kind of treatment that Hoya editors would only fantasize about. But the freshman — who first showed up at The Voice earlier in the semester interested in layout before someone suggested that he help with staff editorials — took it in stride. It was the fourth or fifth editorial he had written, and he later told me that he had enjoyed taking criticism on nearly every one of them.

But that’s nothing compared to Sarinsky’s own demons….

Sometimes, we at the Voice like to throw promo CDs against a door. Does that sound like the equivalent of squishing bugs for personal gratification? You decide (emphasis added):

Most of the eyes in the office were on me as I fired each one short and to the left. It reminded me much of some late nights in The Hoya office when, stressed from editing, I would roam the office trying to swat roving flies with a thick book.

But this was a bit different. Whereas down the hall I would sometimes feel like a duck out of water as people stared at me unsurely while I patrolled the office like a madman, I got a warm feeling as Voice staffers expressed their encouragement through humorous ridicule.

In this case, I don’t think the Hoya is being uptight. If one of our editors started killing flies to relieve stress, I’d look at him a little strange, too.

5 Comments on “Hoya writer visits Voice: “It was an uncomfortable laugh for me.”

  1. You seriously spend your production nights on Juicy Campus? Disappointing.

  2. yeah Alex, the whole production night. All night. It’s awesome. Sorry for the disappointment

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