Date Lab Rat: Tired? Yeah, right

After reading this week’s Date Lab, I’m calling bullshit on the “I’m too tired” excuse. Unless you’re legitimately narcoleptic or you have to get up early the next day for something really important (not just another day of work), going home because you’re tired is just a clumsy way of avoiding someone’s company or playing hard to get.

I’m not sure which of those two the girl in this week’s Date Lab was going for, but if it’s the second one she definitely overplayed her hand. The date starts off promisingly enough–they’re both big readers and outdooorsy types with military backgrounds–and both say in the post-date interviews that there was chemistry and flirting and such.

But she turns down both his offer to go somewhere else after the date (“If I hadn’t been tired I would have, [but] I just wanted to crash”) and his invitation for lunch the next day (“I asked her if she wanted to do lunch the next day, but it didn’t work out: I had work; she had a meeting”) without suggesting an alternative. All this despite telling the Post “I’ll definitely go out with him again.” Mixed messages much?

Rating: 3. Cute enough, but nothing spectacular.

Chances of Success: 2. According to the follow-up there hasn’t been a second date yet. Unless he’s really confident or desperate, the ball’s totally in her court, but she doesn’t seem to have any intention of pursuing him. Maybe “tired” meant “blowing you off” after all.

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