Todd Palin: Wingman

Obama winning was nice, and a good excuse to run to the White House. But as local blogger The DC Universe points out, Washington had a lot to gain from a Palin vice-presidency:

Todd Palin is going to have a lot of free time on his hands. His wife is going to be traveling around the world attending state funerals, running the Senate, and avoiding questions from the liberal elite mainstream media. Meanwhile, all of Todd’s buddies will be up in Alaska, and there isn’t much snowmobiling to be done down here. So how will he deal with the boredom?

By being the best damn wingman you ever had, that’s how. If you walk into a bar with Todd Palin, you’re not going home alone. Women will be buying you drinks.

This missed opportunity would be a lot more upsetting if the country wasn’t getting a hypoallergenic dog instead.
Photo from Flickr user elycefeliz used under a Creative Commons license

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