Hoya proves maturity and reality TV aren’t mutually exclusive on Stylista

In an attempt to fill the Tim Gunn-sized void in your Wednesday night, the CW is pushing a new show, Stylista, where contestants vie for an editorial position at Elle magazine.

Stylista’s not really in the same league as Project Runway– watching people layout pages on InDesign just isn’t quite as exciting as watching them actually design clothes, and no matter how hard judge Anne Slowey tries to channel Anna Wintour, she just doesn’t have half the charm of Heidi Klum or even Michael Kors–but there is one good reason to tune in: contestant Johanna Cox.

Joanna got her Masters from Georgetown in 2006 and worked as a “China Military Analyst” (which sounds like the most predictably Georgetown job ever) before switching to fashion. She’s well-known locally as the author of A Serious Job is No Excuse, a blog that dishes out DC-specific fashion advice.

On the show she comes across as both competent and well-adjusted, a great rarity in reality show participants. In an interview with the Washington Post, Johanna explains how Brett Michaels is indirectly responsible for her reality-TV savvy.

I thought about my parents, and my current boss, and if I actually won, any future boss would see this. I watch so much reality TV, I knew how I would come across. So I think maybe this is the reward for having watched “Rock of Love” and all those horrible shows.

Stylista airs Wednesdays at 9 on the CW. There have only been three episodes so far, so you’ve got ample time to catch up and root for Johanna.

Via Jezebel. Photo from the CW.

2 Comments on “Hoya proves maturity and reality TV aren’t mutually exclusive on Stylista

  1. InDesign is a plot point? That sounds like the most micro-targeted show for my demographic since that show about the NY Daily News.

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