Date Lab Rat: LJBF and other fairy tales

Asked for a notable home detail, the girl in this week’s Date Lab mentions that all four of her roommates are men. It’s an immediate red flag — not the fact that she lives with four guys, but her need to brag about it from the get-go tags her as the kind of girl who shamelessly leads guys on just to get attention.

Sure enough, she doesn’t disappoint. The date is cute enough: they have a fun chat, go to another bar afterward (he buys the drinks, natch), and there’s even an exchange of phone numbers. He has hopes for a second date. But what’s she thinking?

“There was no romantic undercurrent for me, though I’m not really surprised [he felt one]. I get that a lot, initially. He’s like a lot of guy friends I have. Then when they realize that I’m not feeling it the same, we become good friends. Most of my friends are guys.”

Um, Alison? They’re not your friends.

Rating: 3. Points for the true-to-life let’s-just-be-friends trick, but 2 docked for her obnoxiousness.

Chances of Success: 2. He seems cool enough that he won’t get hung up on pursuing her if she’s not into it, and she has plenty of other options, or at least thinks she does.

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