The new blog on the block is Georgetown Metropolitan

This year, the Georgetown blogosphere has seen a rapid expansion (and a subsequent semi-abandonment—George the Third, what happened? And Outside the Gates? Well, I’d say I was disappointed, but I think we’re all aware of the Hoya’s blogging record…) but there’s still time to add another blogger to the mix before the year’s through: behold, The Georgetown Metropolitan.

In the introductory post the author writes “[I]’ve realized that the neighborhood of Georgetown lacks a neighborhood blog. I’ve decided to give it a try.” I’d take issue with that, but I’m feeling sated and sleepy, thanks to excessive latke consumption, so I’ll let it slide for now.

The Georgetown Metropolitan seems to be channeling a Prince of Petworth vibe, but minus the pointless pictures of doors and windows. The author has an annoying tendency to refer to himself in third person as “GM” in posts, but he definitely has potential—he’s already posted some interesting data from a survey of Georgetown businesses he did in response to a recent Marc Fisher column about Georgetown “going generic“.

And although it’s more focused on the grown-up, real-person side of Georgetown, the Georgetown Metropolitan does have something in common with us youngins here at Vox Populi: none of us are big fans of CrimeMap.DC (because if there’s anything local bloggers of all ages can bond over, it’s the inadequacy of MPD’s web presence).

2 Comments on “The new blog on the block is Georgetown Metropolitan

  1. this blog sucks! where are the updates? bring back will sommer!!

  2. Sorry we up and died like a Hoya blog! We’ll be back on a roll starting tomorrow.

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