Georgetown, get your gun store

Thanks to the legislative aftermath of District of Columbia v. Heller, the D.C. Zoning Commission is allowing gun shops to open within the District. So where will they set up shop? Maybe Georgetown, says DCist.

Due to zoning restrictions (that aren’t set in stone until March), space for gun shops is “limited to industrial zones and commercial corridors not zoned for neighborhood retail. Additionally, no gun shop will be allowed within 300 feet of a school, library, home, playground or church.”

That leaves a few parcels in Georgetown. And we may not be talking out-in-the-boonies East-of-Wisconsin Georgetown:

There’s also a tiny plot along Connecticut Avenue NW in Van Ness, a cluster of parcels off Wisconsin Avenue just north of McLean Gardens, another plot off Wisconsin near Observatory Circle, and a small piece of M Street in Georgetown, again near Wisconsin Avenue. Downtown, between Pennsylvania Avenue and M Street as far west as 20th Street also is available for potential gun store business — though either side of 16th Street is off-limits.

Quips DCist, “It’s either hilarious or heinous to think that Georgetown might see a gun shop before an Apple store.” But I’m not laughing.

Via SaxaSpeak.

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