Date Lab Rat: A seeker and a keeper

With last week’s Date Lab, I liked the daters’ questionnaires but was disappointed by the date rundown itself. This week, luckily, it’s the other way around: after a lackluster intro, the Post dishes up a delightful treat.

What made me so pessimistic? It could be that the girl is channeling Hermione Granger a little too hard (desired superpower: “To be in several places at once, so it would make going to school and working much easier”) or that the guy refrains from making any sense at all (best date ever: “She suggested doing something crazy, and I booked us tickets.”) Huh?

Fortunately for us, when these two actually sit down to dinner things go much more smoothly. They bond over a love of restaurant dining and college basketball, there’s definitely some flirtation going on over their drink choices (G&T for her, vodka soda for him), and they manage to close down Local 16. And after two botched attempts at a second date, they finally meet up for dinner and drinks (oddly enough, in Baltimore). Cute!

Rating: 4. A point docked for the lame questionnaires, but other than that this one’s a crowd-pleaser.

Chances of Success: 3. Sure, it’s adorable for right now, but how long will a serious foodie (he’s a restaurant manager) tolerate a vegetarian?

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