Closing time for MCCXXIII, maybe for Nathan’s

Not long for this world?

This weekend brought news or the threat of two bar closures—one a stalwart of Georgetown culture and the other the darling of ambitious freshman birthday parties.

High rent forced MCCXXIII/Spank, the Dupont area club, to close its doors on Friday.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s, the checkered-tablecloth little slice of saloon heaven that has sat at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street for forty years, has been in danger of packing it up for a while now. This weekend, the owners began the process of seeking a reprieve from their lease debt. If the landowners don’t grant it to them,  however, Nathan’s will be no more as of March 31st, Georgetown Metropolitan reports.

Image taken from Flickr user M. V. Jantzen using a Creative Commons license.

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