Norovirus hits Catholic University—again

You might remember norovirus from when it plagued and plagued and plagued Georgetown University back in early October. Well it’s back, this time striking 23 of our student neighbors to the Northeast, Catholic University.

And when I say ‘back,’ I mean it. In December 2006, about 60 Catholic students fell prey to the norovirus, prompting a Department of Health investigation. Just as in 2006, Aramark is CUA’s food provider. As with Georgetown’s outbreak, D.C.’s Department of Health never identified the source of CUA’s 2006 outbreak—although Georgetown did drop Organic to Go in the aftermath, a company that does not provide for CUA.

Student journalists at CUA should prepare to hear the words “projectile vomit” a lot. I also suggest our Catholic brethren read up on our Norovirus FAQ—although to be fair, they’re the real experts.

Image taken from Flickr user Jeff Youngstrom using a Creative Commons license.

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