The Hoya may see its Independence day before next year

The Hoya’s Independence movement has been in the works for almost five years now. In that time, that lovable bi-weekly rag has been doted on by corporate sponsors and potentially denied use of its own name by the University.

However, it seems like their efforts for Hoyapendence may be nearing fruition. In last Wednesday’s GUSA Senate meeting, one Senator remarked that The Hoya’s independence will relieve the Media Board of its greatest source of income, and largest expenditure.

In a conversation yesterday, Senator Matt Wagner (SFS `11) said that when the six University Funding Board meet on Feb. 11 to allot money to the six funding boards (of which the Media Board is one, and SAC, of Sophia Behnia fame, is another), the typically unobstrusive Media Board will take more time than usual to present its funding requests to the University:

“The Media Board is usually not even looked at for a lot of time because its requests are usually the same every year. But this time with the Hoya not being a big part of the picture, the picture—I  assume the picture is going to be very different as their requests will not be the same.”

The suspense is almost unbearable, but in the meantime, you can join The Georgetown Heckler’s Jack Stuef in his solemn remembrance of the “Save the Hoya” movement.

7 Comments on “The Hoya may see its Independence day before next year

  1. I understand the evidence-based strictures the blog operates under, but Hoya people I’ve talked to for months have been saying June 1st or around there.

  2. Heard that too. Also, if anyone wants to know where their new office will be once they get booted off campus, they can stand next to me and I can cough loudly (or Will can post it below).

    But you’re right, as far as posts, I’m still a sucker for evidence and substantiation. (Kicks dirt sheepishly)

  3. Will the Hoya get to keep its name? Or will we be reading the H*ya come next year?

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