Streaming into the Ivy League with Academic Earth


What if Georgetown wasn’t your first choice? You spend your afternoons wistfully daydreaming about tweed jacketed professors and elegant 17th century classrooms. Sure, Georgetown is a great school…but just look at US News  & World Report’s rankings, which are definitely the best way to judge a university’s curriculum (read: sarcasm). Should the cost of attending such prestigious universities, your SAT scores, aversion to cold weather, or ivy allergy prevent you from taking advantage of these schools premier courses?

Academic Earth doesn’t think so. The site, currently in Beta, offers online streaming courses from America’s best universities for free.

No course fees, no books, and no constant interruptions from overeager freshmen (you know who you are, 3rd row Macroecon.) The project is the brainchild of 22 year old Richard Ludlow, who was named among BusinessWeek’s Best Young Entrepreneurs last year.

While other companies, like iTunes U, have already thrown down the gauntlet for open source education, Academic Earth has a semester’s worth of full lectures of a single class instead of just a series of different guest speakers. This format is more like actually going to class—which is a good thing, right?

Photo taken from Flickr user superfem using a Creative Commons license.

4 Comments on “Streaming into the Ivy League with Academic Earth

  1. I find this entry cruelly hilarious, as I’m a GW student and the above pictuure is what I imagine Georgetown classrooms look like. Am I to assume they all don’t?

    If it makes you feel better, a large portion of GW’s classrooms are soul-crushingly ugly.

  2. I guess we have some like that, but I haven’t seen them. Our classes are decorated more in the well-heeled ITT Tech style.

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  4. This is outsourcing is a beautiful thing. I see what you’re saying about the risk of doing that and risk having your blog lose it’s uniqueness.
    But I say it’s worth the risk. I once heard a great marketer say you should work On your business and not In itGet live chat, email and phone suppport

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