Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

In the first of what will be regular ANC 2E wrapups, we’re proud to bring you the events of last night’s ANC meeting. (But between Issue Rundowns, GUSA Roundups, and ANC Wrapups, it grieves me to report that we’re running out of summary nouns.)

Last night’s local government rumble had a considerable many high points:  the ANC’s communal chastisement of WASA Director Louis Jarvis, the Dixie Liquor owner’s truly pathetic request for an exception to the singles ban, a resolution of gun stores in Georgetown, Apple’s store redesign, and a visit from the wardmaster himself, Jack Evans.

Details to follow, but the Safeway on Wisconsin will be closing for construction for over a month this Spring.

WASA: Jarvis felt the fury of the ANC when he admitted that 30% of Ward 2 hydrants, still need maintenance nearly two years after bum hydrants stymied firefighter’s efforts to rescue the burning Georgetown Library.

Ed Solomon, who recently watched from his tuxedo shop as a dumpster fire at Addison School required a second pumper truck (the nearby hydrant, tagged as “needing maintenance” but still supposedly in working condition, was in fact a dud), noted that this amounted to 59 hydrants and called the situation “unacceptable.” Later in the meeting, Jack Evans agreed.

Dixie Liquors: Next, Dixie Liquor’s Jody Kurash stopped by to request an exception to Ward 2’s singles ban, saying the store projected a $38,000 loss in sales for this year based on 2008 figures.

Candidates for exception (of which DL’s owners timidly displayed samples) include high-end microbrews that start at $14, culinary liquors, and Sam Adam’s “Utopia,” a $180 beer that SA only brews every other year. Her point was clear: the homeless, the ban’s main concern as quality-of-life legislation, don’t buy these products.

Unfazed, Charles Eason spurned the petition she brought along signed by neighboring businesses.

“I’m not interested in the businesses, you’re all going to support each other anyway, not to be cynical,” he said.

Bill Starrels bemoaned the obvious fate of the adjacent Francis Scott Key Park if they granted the exception.

“It would be a shame if that part of Georgetown became a drunkard’s paradise.”

He suggested the ANC take up the matter later and approve not the small liquor bottles (the ones Kurash claimed were mainly popular among cooks) but the upscale beers.

Gun store: The one that Georgetown might get. After extended gasbaggery about the horror of it all (not that we don’t completely agree), the ANC passed a resolution urging the D.C. Zoning Commission to reverse the ruling that brought allowed gun stores to be built within 300 ft of a church, school, library, playground, or residence as opposed to the original 600.

Noted Tom Birch, even Philadelphia’s zoning laws demand a separation of 500 feet.

“For sexually oriented stores, I think the zones are even higher,” he said.

And if these backwaters of society enforce appropriate measures, why can’t we?

Jack Evans: Luckily, Ward 2’s white knight came to the rescue, first with the news that the City is not struggling in the face of the financial crisis.

“No matter what happens, we’re not gonna have a gun store in Georgetown,” he continued. “In the past I’ve done some crazy things on the City Council.”

Evans spun a delightful yarn in which he recalled passing a law that applied only to one corner building in Georgetown in order to prevent its becoming a Papa John’s Pizza.

Evans then took community comments to remind us all how charistmatic he is. Qualms? His tie clashed with his suit.

Apple store: Snicker all you want, DCist, but it looks like Georgetown will be getting its Apple store after all. Its original design havign been rejected by the ANC for being too radical (read: looking like a normal Apple store),the managers of the Apple-store-to-be returned with a design that included a very-Georgetown brick facade and “Apple logo greatly diminished in size.”

The ANC commissioners approved the redesign.

“I’ve been getting calls fro media outlets … This commission always wanted an Apple store,” Ed Solomon said, adding that their qualms lay only with the store’s original design.

Tom Birch’s only suggestion for the new plans? More brick!

Miscellaneous: The fire-ravaged Piccolo is in the midst of rebuilding.

“Crime has gone down in most categories in Georgetown,” Ed Solomon said.

Photo taken from Flickr user robotbrainz under a Creative Commons license.

13 Comments on “Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

  1. That was a pretty bumping ANC meeting.

    One point to consider about a Georgetown gun store: would it have a firing range? And, if so, might we actually want one?

  2. “Details to follow, but the Safeway on Wisconsin will be closing for construction for over a month this Spring.”

    No, the store will be open for that month, it’s just that the south driveway will be closed and over half the parking taken out. After that month, the whole place will be closed for at least a year. The point of the month transition was to start the construction but still be able to keep Safeway open a little bit longer. They said it will probably be completely closed by “early spring”.

    Between you, Carol Buckley from the Current, me, and Fox 5, there were more journalists and quasi-journalists there than residents last night.

  3. My bad-I was referring to the full store closure, because as non-drivers students don’t really care about the driveway. however, I misheard the timeframe. and while that’s my fault, I’m going to blame acoustics.

    Seconded on the reporters–and between DL, Apple, and Piccolo, there were more store owners trying to prove they were good neighbors than journalists.

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  7. The Georgetown ANC’s standards to preserve the historical look of Georgetown do not serve the major of the community’s best interest. Apple should consider selling the old FCUK building they purchased on Wisconsin Ave and move to DC’s thriving Chinatown/Convention Center district. Quality upscale retail has moved to this district leaving Georgetown’s shopping district looking ‘historical.’ Nice job Georgetown ANC. Your decisions have kept a metro stop out of Georgetown and kept Apple waiting for nearly 2 years to open a store in your prestigious little precinct. Are you worried that Apple may bring the wrong element into Georgetown, just as you thought the metro would 20 years ago? Just another reason for me to consider a new city to call home.

  8. To be fair, ye Old Georgetown Board is at fault for the latest outrage. But on all other counts, you’re right. We’ve already got the super-glassy Urban Outfitters, an Anthropologie designed to look like a cottage, and a host of other stores that don’t look anything like “historical” properties. It’s building Pleasantville at everyone else’s expense.

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