Georgetown University, cat killer: the Burleith listserv’s horrible “discovery”

Every time you procrastinate, Georgetown kills a kitten. No, but seriously, they do.

Here at Georgetown, it’s pretty much a given that the neighbors are going to complain about the University—our buses are too loud, our parties are too loud, etc—but last week on the Burleith listserv, “Renee” came up with a novel (and horrifying) accusation: ruthless cat killing.

I would like to know why Georgetown University is killing the stray cats left behind by their own students. They have done this several times and it truly sickens me. Part of a university’s job is to teach their students to become responsible adults and leaving cats behind so the university can trap and kill them is extremely inhumane and irresponsible …

All local PETA, adopt a cat programs and local shelters that don;t kill animals are aware of Goergetown U’s horrible actions.. You can also check on the web that Georgetown repeatedly trapped cats and send them to killed at animal shelters. They claimed the cats were feral when in actuality they were had belonged to uncaring students who left them to fend for themselves. All the cats Georgetown U. trapped were euthanized.

Yikes. So is it true? University Spokesperson Julie Green-Bataille says no, we don’t “destroy” cats, we send them off to the bucolic farmlands of Pennsylvania:

Not sure where this is coming from –there is currently nothing of this sort taking place on campus [nor] has there ever been, best I can tell. I think several years ago in response to a ferrell [sic] cat problem on campus, Georgetown humanely worked to remove some cats using cages and relocating them to a farm in Pennsylvania—none were ever destroyed.

Odd choice of a verb, but, for my peace of mind, I’m going to believe her. I guess we can’t trust the fine reporting from Hoya Suxa after all…

Photo from Flickr user Tom Clifton, used under a Creative Commons license.

6 Comments on “Georgetown University, cat killer: the Burleith listserv’s horrible “discovery”

  1. What a shame when someone complains about the unnecessary killing of an animal that she is called crazy.

    It’s very common to have a cat overpopulation on college campuses because students adopt cats and when they graduate, they leave the cat behind. Stanford University is an example of an extremely successful TNR program.

    The only scientifically proven and humane solution to a cat overpopulation is Trap them, neuter and spay them and they’re health checked, then return them to where they were trapped and take care of them. It’s called TNR and it works. There is a reduction in the kittens born and so no more population increase is seen. Then over time, and through attrition the population is slowly reduced and eventually there will be no more cats.

    The other great part of TNR is that there are people there monitoring the cats and they will catch any new cats that arrive.

    If you want more information on TNR, please visit Alley Cat Allies at alleycatorg. Thanks.

  2. Well, L. Yaco, called crazy when she imagines unnecessary killings and sends out a mass email falsely accusing a school of exterminating its cat population. TNR sounds great, but again, I think the original overpopulation problem was largely imagined.

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