GW student president Vishal Aswani’s death spiral continues

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Remember when GUSA Vice President James Kelly made some unpleasant remarks about gay students? Or when President Pat Dowd taught us all about larceny? Those were embarrassing, but they’re also the kind of problems Vishal Aswani, President of GW’s Student Association, would kill to have.

Instead, his Chief of Staff just resigned, and people are talking about his impeachment like it’s a realistic option. Last semester, his media relations VP resigned, complaining about his Nixonian paranoia. Even his second in command might be eying his position.

Here’s what has earned Aswani this ignominy, according to a Hatchet columnist:

  • He blew a bunch of money on a student-wide ball.
  • He made them an ugly inaugural float. The inaugural float was estimated to cost almost $90,000, was GW’s big promenade on the national stage…and the best Aswani could manage was a giant globe?
  • He’s a jerk. From his Chief of Staff’s resignation letter:  “He is malicious in the way he pits the staff against each other, he lies to further himself”.

And that’s really about it. His crimes don’t seem that terrible, but it’s easiest to just let things in Foggy Bottom run their course.

Photo by GW Hatchet

7 Comments on “GW student president Vishal Aswani’s death spiral continues

  1. The globe was accidentally destroyed at the last minute and was replaced by an American flag for the actual parade

  2. HAHAHA, I love that even Gtown is laughing at our moronic excuse for a president! Thankfully elections are in a few weeks and his lame duck term is almost over!

  3. Sorry to hear the globe was destroyed. The Patriot said it was caused by wind–true? I suppose a flag isn’t so bad, even if it lacks imagination.

    The fact that elections are in a couple of weeks makes impeaching Aswani seem even less necessary. I figured GW had elections in May or something, because that’s the only way I could understand impeachment (albeit not under his current offenses).

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