Date Lab Rat: Don’t call me, I’ll call you

If you haven’t read this week’s Date Lab yet, don’t bother—it’s exactly the squirmy exercise in awkward that I’m sure you’re not looking for heading into the pre-Valentine’s Day week.

Based on the duo’s favorite movies, I wouldn’t have had high hopes anyway: Legally Blonde, Ocean’s Eleven, and Saw for her; Predator, The Matrix, and Wedding Crashers for him. (For the record, the best answer is High Fidelity, Clueless, and Annie Hall, but that’s just me.)

Their interests and senses of humor don’t really mesh, so the date itself is a little uncomfortable and not worth dwelling on, but it does raise an interesting question about phone number etiquette. He offers to give her his number, but since she’s not interested, she gives him hers instead, telling the Post that “I wouldn’t want it to be ending on a bad note if I never called him.”

A fair point, but it still seems like a risky move to give out your number and then have to either avoid calls and texts or lead someone on until you break it off. In this case, she settled the matter with a lukewarm brush-off text, but I can’t help thinking there’s a better way.

Rating: 2. He was definitely more into it than she was, and that’s never fun to read about.

Chances of Success: 1. After reading the Post‘s rundown, I doubt he’ll be contacting her again.

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