No more Mr. Nice GUSA: Senators asked to resign

It would be lazy to make a “hardly working” joke here … lazy like a GUSA Senator.

Last week, Lillian Kaiser reported that an unseemly number of GUSA Senators haven’t been attending GUSA meetings regularly. On Thursday night, the Senators present had trouble reaching quorum for a vote and called for the expulsion of Senators Pat Salvo, Emmanuel Hampton, CJ Lion, Alex Meyer, Matt Breen, and Joe Curran, which she explained meant “they can be expelled between 10 and 14 days after the call for expulsion.”

Or, they can resign. Senator Tim Swenson (COL `10) is a fan of the latter option. In an email to the Senate he sent yesterday, he asked for chronically absent Senators’ resignations:

Last week we had an issue with attendance and it appears its because there are some people that never come to meetings anymore but are still on the roster …. I would also imagine you’re pretty sick of getting these emails, so let’s make a deal. ┬áIf you were elected to be a senator but have since stopped coming to meetings, send a message of resignation to Reggie before tomorrow. It would help us out a great deal.

If they don’t resign, the Senate will presumably remove them. But in any event, the Election Commission is supposed to hold special elections to replace them.

“There hasn’t been talk of it yet so I’m apprehensive it would happen,” Swenson wrote in an email.

Sorry Henles 22-60, Off-Campus cats, and residents of the 36th and 37th townhouses, looks like that’s it for your voice in student government this year. I hope you’re not too broken up over it.

Photo taken from Flickr user jenlight using a Creative Commons license.

One Comment on “No more Mr. Nice GUSA: Senators asked to resign

  1. Pat Salvo doesn’t show up to work, why would he show up for GUSA?

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