Paint it black: campus statue of Virgin Mary vandalized

A gruesome sight before restoration

Last night, the Office or Mission and Ministry sent out a campus-wide email alerting the student body that an unknown suspect had vandalized the statue of Mary that stands on Copley Lawn by painting its face black. From the looks of the email, (“we do not know the motivation of the person or persons who painted the face, nor whether they are members of the University community or not”), nothing seems to be known about the perpetrator.

According to the email, the incident happened “late last week” and the Department of Public Safety is investigating. The OMM also said they are making “prompt renovations,” and when they are complete, the Catholic Chaplaincy will hold a ceremony to rededicate the statue.

Photo used with permission of the Cardinal Newman Society

24 Comments on “Paint it black: campus statue of Virgin Mary vandalized

  1. How sad it is that sometimes people in higher education are not necessarily as intelligent as they should be. Disrespecting a religous image is not the proper thing to do, for more than one reason. I feel great pity for those who do things like this. God forgive them.

  2. Without knowing much about the person’s motives, (sinister? drunken?) I really agree. I was upset to see this and upset that student reaction seems a little muted insofar.

  3. it goes back to taking god out of public schools,liberal agenda,disfunctional families and most of all lack of moral truth. we live in a scary time people. please donot live with tunnel vision

  4. Persons who do these kinds of things are possessed by a spirit of oppression and in some instances even possession. For those who don’t believe that sin and evil spirits are both destructive and easily move in to possess you read what Fr Amorth, lead exorcist, has to say about his work.
    I am, however, pleased with the rapid communication on this act aganist the your Mother and mine, the Mother of All Nations and Queen of Heaven and Earth and the subsequent work to clean and restore the statue and the commemoration planned to honor her. Thank you for your great act of kindness to the Blessed Mother. You will be truly blessed by it.

  5. I am sorry and angry to read about another vandalized statue. These types of anti-Catholic crimes are happening all across America. If these were Jewish or Muslim houses of worship that were being vandalized at this rate, the major media would be all over it and demanding a Federal investigation and idictment on hate crimes. In part these crimes are happening because the major media (the Thought Police) has turned authentic Catholicism into an unoficial crime -How dare we be prolife?! How dare we expect people to control themselves sexually?! How dare we oppose the homosexual agenda?!

  6. stephen, it is wholly inappropriate and offensive – to the Blessed Mother as well as to the LGBT community – to equate defacement of holy symbols with the struggle for civil rights under our free and democratic system.

  7. Stephen, it is wholly inappropriate and offensive – to the Blessed Mother as well as to the LGBT community – to equate defacement of holy symbols and religious intolerance to the struggle for equal rights in our democratic and free society. Shame.

    It also is unproductive to rail against Jews and Muslims for a perceived double standard, seeing as they would be among the ones most likely to stand by us in condemning an attack on a physical manifestation of faith.

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  12. The days are coming when Catholics will be persecuted. The signs are all around us.
    Media slander of the Holy Father, total incomprehension on Catholic views of morality. Preaching being equated with hate crimes.

    This vandalization is just a small sign or prelude to what is really coming.

    Let’s just remember that Our Lady has promised:
    “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

  13. What a sad commentary for this once Catholic university. Only a return to Tradition and a rejection of Modernism will ever reverse these trends. Lord help us! JMJ

  14. Georgetown is heading for spiritual incest. Maybe we’ll see the first indicators in a few years, but it’s already demonstrating its love of intellectual incest.

  15. Christopher Cummins makes an excellent point. Maybe, to help the Church return to Tradition, we need to do all we can to prevent sacreligious use of Catholic churches. Ecumenists let Hindus do Hindu rituals in the Fatima Shrine’s little chapel. At the inter-religious prayer meetings in Assisi, Animists prayed to the “Great Thumb,” and Buddhists burned incense while a Buddha statue sat on a tabernacle.

    Nobody spray-painted Fatima’s little chapel. The Buddhists took their statue away. of a Catholic church. But jest as people shouldn’t vandalize Catholic statues, non-Catholics shouldn’t use Catholic churches for non-Catholic rituals.

  16. anti- catolicism is alive and well out there, and believe it or not so is the devil.

  17. The Church is persecutes, and sadly the persecution comes from some of its members.

  18. A very similar thing happened here in Detroit many years ago. The face and hands on statue of the Sacred Heart at the entrance to Sacred Heart Seminary were painted black. The archdiocese left them that way. One more example of the wisdom of thier “emininences” Dearden, Szoka, and Maida.

  19. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

  20. perhaps the virgin Mary was black – why is she usually expressed as white when she comes from the middle east? white white white just like me, god is white jesus is white Mary is white all in my image. All my double standards too – Catholic Nuns abusing children Catholic priests abusing children and I’ll pretend to be holy, as long as I have a big house, big car money and sex.

  21. I am catholic and african caribbean and always wonder why Jesus ,Mary,Joseph are portrayed
    as white;that cannot be so .the region they were from had darker skin people;why do white catholics reject that fact.How do you think we feel when we walk into church nothing there represents wonder there are few african american converts! I don’t agree with the person who blackened the face of theBlessed Mother,but I can certainly under the frustration. The church always make us feel less than,we are also made in the image and likeness of God.
    It is time for the church to let go of fear and prejudice.

  22. Why don’t all of you religous right wing freaks watch zytgist(sp?) and stop imposing your religous beliefs on others!

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