Does this crime “Cuddle”?: DPS reports N St sex offense

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Crime Map, updates for this crime and 3000 O St. robbery in red

Sure sounds like it. At about 5:00, DPS sent out a PSA describing a burglary that took place on the 3400 block of N Street in which a man “crawled into the complainant’s bed while she was asleep”:

She was startled awake. The suspect subsequently left the bedroom and exited the residence by the front door.

The complainant contacted DPS who responded to the scene along with MPD. A search of the area was conducted but the suspect was not located. There were no signs of forced entry at the scene. DPS is working with MPD on the continuing investigation.

According to the PSA, “The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 5’11”-6′, with a medium build, wearing a 3/4 length wool jacket and blue jeans.” That sure sounds like the “Georgetown Cuddler.”  If MPD confirms they suspect him of this crime, that would bring his creepy count up to at least seven. The Voice is looking into this as we speak.

Meanwhile at The Sexist, discussion over what to call the “Georgetown Cuddler” so his nickname better reflects the creepy nature of his crimes has come to a standstill. But I can’t keep using quotes around ‘Cuddler’ to try to mollify my discomfort in using the term forever.

So, the Georgetown Entry-Gainer? The Georgetown Blanketlayer? The Georgetown Rapist? (Although he hasn’t raped anyone at Georgetown, although he’s tried).

6 Comments on “Does this crime “Cuddle”?: DPS reports N St sex offense

  1. The cuddler is sort of cool. Basically a living Georgetown institution now.

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