Universities continue to drop Russell Athletic


About two weeks ago, Georgetown refused to renew its contract with apparel maker Russell Athletic due to its violations of workers’ rights in Honduras. But we’re not alone—in fact we were the third university to do so. Other universities which recently dumped include the University of Miami, the University of Houston the University of Wisconsin, Rutgers, and now Purdue. The Lafayette Online writes:

Purdue University announced Thursday (Feb. 19) that it will terminate its licensing contract with Russell Athletic, which makes apparel with the university’s logo, effective March 31.

James Almond, interim executive vice president for business and finance and treasurer, told Russell in a letter that actions surrounding the closing of two apparel manufacturing factories in Honduras were cause for the termination.

Russell never read its Marx. Georgetown’s contract ends on June 30. Students encouraged the University to terminate a contract with New Era last year for domestic union-busting.

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  1. One small correction: The Licensing and Oversight Committee was informed that our contract with Russell did not end until 2010. The university contacted Russell about cutting the contract immediately and Russell agreed to do so without appealing our decision. Therefore the contract is now cut rather than on June 30th. Here are all of the schools who have decided not to renew or decided to cut their contracts: University of Miami, University of Houston, Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Rutgers University, Duke University, University of Washington, Columbia University, Purdue University, Cornell University, Penn State University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota. Check out reininrussell.org for more info.

  2. I wasn’t on the LOC last year, so I’m not sure whether the committee actually had time to decide on the matter. On February 13th 2008, New Era capitulated to the demands of workers in Alabama and the Teamsters union which workers had voted for as representation. That success was due to workers and students working together and I know that Russell is feeling the hurt for their actions now. Thanks for keeping up on this!

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