Georgetown ANC Wrapup: the ANC hates Philly P’s, and The North Face red all over

It smells?

Lately, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E meeting have all had their share of fireworks, and last night’s meeting was no exception. They didn’t get to verbally stone any representatives from WASA, but they did unleash fury like Hell hath none on the owner of Philly Pizza. The Commissioners also applauded the arrival of The North Face store, while poo-pooing their big red signs, and prepared Georgetown for the 11-month loss of its Safeway.

Philly P’s: The highlight of tonight’s ANC meeting was the Commissioners’ unanimous chastisement of Philadelphia Pizza’s new 1211 Potomac location. The night started out poorly with Commissioners interrogating the engineer of the new ventilation system for Philly P’s and only got worse as they attacked Philly P’s ratio of sit down patrons to unruly students. (According the the Commissioners, Philly P’s needed a permit if over 50% of their customers used take out after ordering their food.)

Matt, the owner of Philly P’s, told the Commissioners that only 5% or less of his customers left the store before finishing their food (OK, Matt). An intense question-and-answer session followed in which the commissioners essentially accused Matt of dishonesty. It was unclear, however, if the owner of Philly P’s completely understood what the Commissioners were asking

ANC Chairman Ron Lewis ultimately issued a veiled threat against Philly P’s, bothered by their late hours, the high number of take out customers, and the odor that bothers the neighbors.

“If you are truly interested in being a good neighbor, you will fix these things,” Lewis said. “If not, we will have a long and complicated relationship.”

Shiver. The ANC passed a resolution condemning Philly P’s.

The North Face: As we noted last week, Georgetown is getting its own North Face store.

The commissioners seemed pleased the store was coming to Georgetown. However, ANC Commissioners were not enthusiastic about the bright red sign that usually comes with these stores. Commissioners Starrels and Skelesy were especially critical of the “excessively” red nature of the sign.

But don’t let a headline fool you. The sign was the only contested aspect of the new store. According to the North Face rep, the store is set to open in three months—provided the Old Georgetown Board gives it the go-ahead this Thursday. Godspeed, TNF.

Safeway: Representatives from local grocery store Safeway appeared at the meeting to discuss their construction plans. At the moment, the company plans to close the Safeway on Wisconsin Ave. for 11 months.

Residents of the surrounding area can purchase groceries at and receive free delivery on orders over $50. Georgetown University’s representative Aaron Golds clarified that students could make use of this service.

WASA: Last month,  ANC comissioners reamed a representative from WASA for the large number of defective fire hydrants in Georgetown.

This time, WASA brought out the big guns in the form of Assistant General Manage Charles Kiley. According to Kiley, “[WASA] should have been better at explaining to the public what we were doing.”

He indicated that all of the hydrants in ANC 2e are functioning in the event of an emergency. Most of the problematic hydrants are facing in the wrong direction, or water thieves have damaged the units.

“The bottom line is that we’re tired of being the squeaky wheel,” Lewis said. “But we’re gald to see our fire hydrants are being taken care of.”

D2 bus route: WMATA, or the folks in charge of DC public transit, have been considering a change to the D2 bus route. Their proposal involved linking the D2 to the Union station or some landmark at the east side of DC. Currently, the D2 connects the Glover park area to DuPont Circle via the outskirts of Georgetown University.

Glover Park residents have been complaining that the change would lead to excessive delays if the route was subjected to K St. traffic. ANC 2e passed a resolution supporting the residents that urged WMATA to leave the route alone.

If you missed it,  check out Vox Populi’s late night coverage of the Apple Store on Wisconsin Ave.

Photo by Helen Burton for the Voice

11 Comments on “Georgetown ANC Wrapup: the ANC hates Philly P’s, and The North Face red all over

  1. Actually the store won’t close on the first. They’re just starting construction then. It will be ugly but open until about the 15th or so. The 11 month window they’re promising won’t start until it completely closes.

    I wouldn’t put much money on them meeting that timeframe though. It’s dependent on nobody complaining about the noise of traffic caused by nighttime construction. That’s a big “if”.

  2. GM is right. If locals balk at student noise from Philly P, they’re going to be ten times more appalled by heavy construction equipment… right?

  3. I just don’t get it? Why are there all these students around my house!!!!!!1!!

    When I moved next door to a university that has been here for 225 years, I never expected there to be students in my neighborhood. But students eating pizza? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such a nightmare.


  4. Between this and the trash, we need soemthing to bring students and neighbors together. May I suggest a pizza party at Ron Lewis’s? Seriously, that would be awesome.

  5. I hear they’re giving away free burned chickens.

  6. Do these people not have anything better to do with their time than sit around and bitch about the red-ness of a North Face sign? Or bitch about pizza being taken out? Wow, a pizza place smells like pizza – call in the press! Between this and the passive-aggressive photo-trash plan, it’s no wonder students living off-campus can’t take the absurdness of our neighbors.

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