Phew! Georgetown not the only black sheep in the herd

Georgetown’s Sex Positive Week garnered a lot of attention, some of that being Catholic ire. Coupled with the vandalism of the statue of the Virgin Mary, Sex Positive Week led the Catholic blogosphere (oh, it exists) to blast Georgetown for its abandonment of Catholic values.

But wait! As a Jesuit University, we’re not alone in our infamy, the Cardinal Newman Society reports:

“These obscene abuses of Catholic values come just as Christians begin a holy season of penance, fasting and almsgiving,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Faithful Catholics have good reason to be outraged and heartbroken at what is happening at Georgetown, Loyola Chicago and Seattle University, three historic, Jesuit institutions.”

Now that’s ire.

Loyola University showed another film in its semester-long film series “The Color of Queer” and the University of Washington Seattle campus Seattle University hosted Transgender Awareness Week.

This is good news for fans of Sex Positive Week—as we can see, last week’s hosts aren’t alone in trying to challenge what some see as traditional or stultified notions notions of sex and orientation. This is bad news for proponents of Catholic identity, however— it looks like more Jesuit institutions have given up the ghost on maitaining theirs.

6 Comments on “Phew! Georgetown not the only black sheep in the herd

  1. I’m pretty sure the CNS was talking about Seattle University (, a Jesuit University, and not “the University of Washington Seattle campus.”

  2. I thought so too at first, but all internet evidence points to the event sponsors (like the Q Center) coming from the University of Washington. But I may be wrong—check out the link.

  3. You’re right that it doesn’t add up—But it’s starting to look like CNS was mistaken, because there’s no mention of Transgender Awareness Week at the link you just provided.

  4. Thanks! And sorry, Facts, I just didn’t want to change it until I was sure CNS hadn’t simply confused me.

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