Streakers make a “fun run” across Georgetown’s campus

DPS did not interfere with the crew team’s antics

That’s right, streakers! When I saw posters advertising “STREAKERS IN FRONT OF LAU @ 9″ I wondered what the poster was a ploy for.

But there was no ploy. Tonight, ten male students from the lightweight crew team made a nude dash across Georgetown’s campus. They began at Village A, barreled down the library steps at top speed and made their way up Prospect toward Leo’s before returning to the Village A apartment from whence they came.

It was all part of crew team initiation—as if rising at the buttcrack of dawn to skim along the frosty Potomac every morning isn’t initiation enough. Before the “event,” crew team’s non-participants gathered a large audience from the library and handed out programs identifying the hazed—and each had their team number magic markered onto their chest to assure recognition as they whizzed by.

I just regret we don’t have a picture. If you’ve got one, do submit to!

Update: A former member of the lightweight crew team and a Voice staffer has emailed me to say that the crew team considers this a “relatively harmless ritual.” Given that the streaking is optional, he feels hazing is too strong a word. A fair point. What do you think?

Photo taken from Flickr user minifig under a Creative Commons license.

14 Comments on “Streakers make a “fun run” across Georgetown’s campus

  1. Temperature at time of run: 31 degrees.

  2. The run isn’t hazing…it’s totally optional…but everyone knows it’s respected tradition.

  3. The run isn’t hazing…it’s totally optional…but everyone knows it’s respected tradition.

  4. how many of the runners don’t row for the gtown lights? this is hazing. someone should be called out for it.

  5. That’s the fastest they will go all season!

  6. Def. not Hazing.

    Those fella’s stripped themselves of those hot, spandex unitards and went on a very public, yet voluntary, run for the same reasons that they and their fellow rowers wake up before the sun every morning and welcome the day with 1000s of meters up and down the Potomac: Something about brotherhood, teamwork, and camaraderie – maybe also a little bit of masochism…? But who am I to say…

  7. Definitely not hazing; they were just practicing their shirt removal technique for the upcoming season.

  8. Of course it is hazing. Just because something is optional doesn’t mean it automatically sheds the classification ‘hazing.’ The psychological pressures on the crew members should be taken into account. Had they not partaken in this ‘optional’ activity then how would they feel around the group? Ostracized? Perhaps it was optional on paper but when one considers the repercussions of voluntarily not engaging in such behavior then it easily falls under the guise of ‘hazing.’

    This is coming from someone involved in Greek Life at GWU, so believe me when I say my school and fraternity have drilled into my head what qualifies as hazing and what does not.

    That’s not to say of course that the event should be reported or abandoned. Sounds like a fun little tradition, something I have found schools in this area lack.

  9. Hazing? says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 10:02 am
    “Being in a frat makes one an hazing expert?”


  10. Just noticed the picture. The DPS officer in the right is like, “What can you do? Kids will be kids.”

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