Where are they now?: UDC’s tuition hike, one week later

Block sweet block

Ok, so it’s a little early for nostalgia, but it’s only fair that we keep you posted.

In last week’s cover story, Eric Pilch explained the passion and rationale that accompanied the University of the District of Columbia’s Board of Trustee’s decision to raise tuition at D.C.’s only public university.

Guess City Councilmember Marion Barry (D-Ward 8 ) didn’t read it. Fresh out of the hospital from a kidney transplant operation, the former mayor had intended to pass emergency legislation to prevent UDC from changing its open enrollment policy and require that its Board take 45 days to reevaluate their decision to nearly double tuition as of Sunday evening. Loose Lips predicted a 3-10 vote.

But by Monday morning, the Washington Post‘s D.C. Wire reported that they expected Barry to withdraw his emergency bill in favor of introducing “a permanent bill, which takes longer to make its way into law and requires fewer council members to get approval.”

At the end of the day, Barry never showed up the the City Council meeting—doc’s orders. He withdrew his original bill, but has yet to introduce his permanent legislation. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: Marion Barry has returned to Howard University Hospital, and aides expect him to remain there until the week is out.

Photo taken from Flickr user dcdailyphotos under a Creative Commons license.

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