DPS has defense program, bike registration on its radar

In Voice News today, Crime Prevention Coordinator Joseph Smith revealed the launch date for the long-awaited RAD program, next September. He also mentioned a bike registration program, which launched this past Monday. Below are more details on each.

The optional bike registry program is designed to combat what Smith says is chronic bike theft on campus. Students can tote their bicycles into the DPS office on the ground floor of VWC to register their wheels, but if that’s just too awkward for you, look for DPS at “upcoming campus events” and beginning-of-the-year events in the fall, such as orientation.

And as we reported in February, DPS lacked the $900 necessary for the training suits they would need for the RAD program, which initially held up the program. The money will be enough to buy four $225 training suits. Four instructors will initially support 30 program participants.

2 Comments on “DPS has defense program, bike registration on its radar

  1. I never understood why DPS never registered bikes before this.

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