Georgetown is now on iTunes U

Yesterday, the Office of Communications announced that the University had launched a Georgetown University channel on iTunes U (link opens/redirects iTunes), the iTunes service which many colleges and universities use to distribute video or audio recordings of events and lectures to their students.

I’d love to be able to watch my international relations class in my pajamas, but unlike American University’s iTunes U channel for example, Georgetown’s version hasn’t made this a possibility (and I don’t see that happening anytime soon). Most of its videos are “Expert commentaries,” interviews with high-profile professors on policy issues. That seems to be the case with several big-name Universities who use iTunes U more like a professional showcase than a digital lecture hall, the way Apple intended it.

But while Georgetown hasn’t gone Academic Earth on this sucker yet, the creators did a good job of collecting lots and lots of content before they launched their channel. Best of all, some of the videos are preceded by a super-sweet graphic in which pieces of Georgetown’s seal zoom in from all corners of the screen and spin around until they settle into place. Wicked.

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