Student Newspapers dumped by the thousands at Catholic University

CUA Tower Blogs reports that unidentified perpetrators have destroyed, stolen, and tossed thousands of editions of its newspaper, The Tower. The comic shown above, which appeared in The Tower in response to an ongoing campus discussion about gay rights and the Catholic church, was taped to the door of The Tower‘s office, before which an unknown also suspect placed several shredded newspapers.

But whatcha gonna do about it? City Paper reports that because the papers are free, the Metropolitan Police Department doesn’t consider the incident theft. Tower members aren’t satisfied with Catholic University’s response, either. Its Editor-in-Chief told City Paper:

“University administrations, have only offered consolation, saying there is not much they can do, other than it might be a violation in the student code of the University. Our Department of Public Safety has been of little help. They have disregarded our requests to see the video tapes and have said that the investigation will take a long time and not to expect any answers. Our staff has conducted our own investigation and has been able to determine who the culprit(s) may have been, but without seeing the tapes, we can not pursue anything.”

Washinton City Paper faced this same problem when its publisher caught a vendor wrapping fruit with its issues.

In its heyday, the then ultra-conservative Georgetown Academy got a similarly disappointing response from Georgetown University administrators when several of its issues wound up in the trash. Their solution? Get a U.S. News & World Report columnist on the case.

Photo from CUA Tower Blog.

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