Date Lab Rat: Hold the anchovies

If Date Lab were a person and that person was going on a first date, he or she would do terribly. You don’t want to show too many of your cards too soon, and in this week’s DL the Post crew lets us know right away why they set these two up.

It’s because they have identical best date stories. His: “We packed up a bottle of wine with fresh mozzarella-and-basil sandwiches, climbed a fire ladder to the roof of a campus building around midnight, and sat and told stories from our childhoods.” Hers: “He made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and we went down to the waterfront with a thermos of wine, people-watched and talked for a couple of hours.” Out of the seemingly endless list of questions on the questionnaire, why did the DL team choose the one that makes it the most obvious that this pairing was based on a fluke similarity?

Unfortunately, the matching best nights of their lives didn’t get this twosome very far, although it was mostly his fault for being too young. They parted ways with an amicable “see you around,” but she didn’t mean it. He could tell, though, so with no hard feelings on either side this was a disappointing but not painful match up. Next!

Rating: 2. It wasn’t as squirmy as any of the really bad dates, but sadly it was pretty boring, too. These kids need to work on their one-liners.

Chances of Success: 1. If she’s single when he’s in the his early 30s and she’s pushing 35, he might have a shot. But until then, hasta luego.

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