Concert Calendar: Do You Realize??

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne


Sister Suvi

Sister Suvi’s songs are driven by dark rhythm guitar melodies and occasionally descend into A’Capella-like yelling.  Suvi will be joined by the equally respectable David Schultz and the Skyline and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down at the Black Cat for $13.  Music should begin around 9:00.


The Flaming Lips

Pitchfork magazine has called Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne “a genius, equal parts Thomas Edison and P.T. Barnum.”  Do yourself a favor and head out to the Green Apple Festival on the National Mall this Sunday afternoon to celebrate Earth Day and catch an amazing show.  Los Lobos and moe will be opening things up, and the best part is the whole event is free.


Alexi Murdoch

London born and Scottish bred Alexi Murdoch made his way to the US to study philosophy at Duke University before embarking on a musical career.  Murdoch’s deep vocals and lyrics are a delight, and he’ll be taking the stage at the Rock and Roll Hotel at 8:30.  The concert should be inspirational as Murdoch’s been wandering through the Himilayas for the last two years.



Travis’ is touring in the US to support their latest album Ode to J. Smith, released with generally positive reviews.  The concert Thursday at the 9:30 Club is pricey at $38.00, but that might be the reason tickets are still available.  The Republic Tigers are opening, and doors open at 7:00.

2 Comments on “Concert Calendar: Do You Realize??

  1. How about Jazz Fest and Charlie Hayden right here at Georgetown?

    And the Orchestra concert Sunday?

    And T-Pain?

  2. we don’t do T-pain. that ain’t our style.

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