NBC 4 covers the IHS symbol flap, with response from White House

3 Comments on “NBC 4 covers the IHS symbol flap, with response from White House

  1. Is Georgetown still Catholic? Covering up the IHS symbol and crucifix during President Obama’s speech in Gaston Hall is an affront to the heritage of our University and to thousands of Georgetown’s Catholic alumni. Our family is deeply offended by such disrespect of symbols so important in our Faith.

  2. When you reserve a room for an event through the Office of Campus Activities and Facilities they get the room ready for you and turn it over to you when the set-up time for your event is supposed to start. Often times this is as simple as cleaning up the room in ICC where your club is meeting. With Gaston its a little more complicated. There is a holding room/green room in New North that needs to be opened. Access for 4-way plugs for sound needs to be set up. Depending on the event OCAF will move the podium on the stage to its desired location. They also quite frequently put the triangle up. This is done quietly and there is no real discussion on this point. You can’t ask a OCAF to put it up or down. Its either there or it isn’t. For instance, to the best of my knowledge when Mike Birbiglia came to Gaston Hall to talk about pandas, sun chips, and crackers that year the triangle was up. I have no idea what that means about this performance or who made the decision. It was just there when we began set-up for the event.

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