This Week’s Issue: Sail away

current_cover1In Features, Tom Bosco debuts in ship-shape with an in-depth look at one of the most successful, most under-celebrated teams at Georgetown: the sailing team. Coaching them is Mike Callahan, who, Bosco writes, made the team that sailing powerhouse it is today.

“Callahan-head coach of the program since August of 1998-has led the Hoyas to six national championships and has been awarded Georgetown’s Outstanding Coaching Achievement Award three times, more than any other Georgetown coach to date. This year’s co-ed squad is the top-ranked team in the country, and the women’s team is close behind at #5 in the nation. Although only a handful of people on campus may know his name, Callahan just might be the best coach at Georgetown.”

In Eds, the Voice‘s Editorial Board fawns over Obama and reacts to the recent Hoya controversy.

In Voices, Anna Bank predicts that when you hear the name of Georgetown’s commencement speaker this year, you’ll say, “who?” Chill, Bank continues, it’s not a big deal.

Matthew Collins reviews the news Air and Space Museum exhibit, Wang Ming’s “Universal Dimensions” in Leisure. Collins raves, “That shit LIGHTS UP!”

Tim Shine profiles Grassroot Hoyas, a group of GU athletes who have committed themselves to working in D.C.’s schools to both mentor and confront the city’s HIV/AIDS program. “It’s just in their competitive nature,” Shine writes. “In the matchup between Washington D.C. and AIDS, they won’t let their city lose.”

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