Date Lab Rat: I think I forgot my… dignity

Back in the day (where day = middle school), I once intentionally forgot my Pink Lemonade LipSmackers lip gloss on my desk in English so I could go back and pick it up when I knew a certain boy would be in the room. Just to recap, I was twelve. But apparently you’re never too old to play that game, as this week’s Date Lab proves.

The daters seem fairly compatible, if not spectacularly suited to one another, and luckily they hit on plenty of shared interests (Chris Rock, Earth Wind & Fire, the Air Force) early in the conversation. When their bill runs over the allotted Date Lab tab, he says he has money in his jacket and he’ll pay her back for covering the extra. Surprise, he forgets to give her the cash, which is “sort of the perfect excuse…to see [her] again.” Wow, you’re a slick one.

The missing money scores him a second date, but when they meet up again he decides he’s just not that into her because she’s just not than into working out. Fortunately, she doesn’t get desperate, and they part ways amicably.

Rating: 3. A little more interesting than last week’s, but still not terribly so.

Chances of Success: 1. She seems pretty happy with herself, so it’s unlikely she’ll start exercising just to please some random blind date dude, and for him, that’s a deal-breaker.

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