Service Journalism: Helping you go green this 4/20

Remember kids, just say no to “pot parties”

Oh, April the 20th. The twentieth day of the fourth month. A wonderful time to explore nature and appreciate its bounty. In the interest of helping the student body enjoy it to the fullest, Voice staffers compiled a list of some spots on campus that we thought you might find particularly pleasant on this fine day.

As a disclaimer: the Voice would never encourage illegal behavior, just a healthy appreciation of nature.

  • The forest/meadow area behind Yates: You get there by walking west on Reservoir for a few blocks from the hospital. It’s nice and secluded and you can even spot the occasional deer.
  • The soccer field next to Kehoe: This gated community isn’t your father’s country club, but it’ll do. You can sit out on the benches in hopes of witnessing a helicopter landing and, if your plans call for more privacy, the Port-o-Potties are always available.
  • The Observatory: What could be better than gather around the pond and listening to the water slowly cascading? A little bit in the open, true, but the calm in the air is worth the risk. Just keep your running shoes on.
  • Your dorm room: Too dreary for you outside? No reason you can’t observe the beauty of campus from your window. Just make sure you’ve invested in Febreze—some people (like DPS officers) aren’t as fond of the scents of nature as others.

Photo from Flickr user mod as hell (from the 1970 book “What You Should Know About Drugs”), used under a creative commons license.

6 Comments on “Service Journalism: Helping you go green this 4/20

  1. That’s right kids, stay away from this gateway drug.

  2. 4-20 is also Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting. Yet another way The Man is trying to undermine pot?

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