The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

Abstinence or else!

This week’s City Paper cover story focuses on our coreligionists at Catholic University and the implications of an alleged sexual assault for their extraordinarily doctrinaire sex policy. The ending focuses on an extremely disturbing case of alleged rape, but the bulk of the piece is spent detailing what exactly a sexual conduct policy for a more pious Catholic college looks like:

  • Sex is technically punishable by probation or even expulsion (although, during the 2006-7 school year, the only year statistics are available, there was not a single incident of sexual misconduct on the books).
  • Not only are contraceptives banned on campus (obvs), students are encouraged to go to events like a talk on “Natural Family Planning” which involved “[t]his husband-and-wife team [coming] to my dorm lobby and [telling] us all how to avoid pregnancy naturally—by going in and measuring your mucus levels.”
  • Masturbation is not allowed, either (although, shockingly, they’ve had a tough time enforcing that).
  • Sexual assault is included in the same category of violation as consensual premarital sex, masturbation, and the use of contraceptives.

Next time you complain about having to schlep out to CVS for condoms, keep in mind it could be so, so much worse.

5 Comments on “The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

  1. Money quote: ‘Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. “We do not follow the policies of Catholic University. We follow the policies of Planned Parenthood, which are based in science.”’

    But seriously, the lax gang-rape described in the article is very disturbing.

  2. Oh my! A school that calls itself Catholic and actually enacts Catholic teaching and wants their students to follow a policy logically derived from those teachings? Gosh, how crazy and unreasonable! Are people seriously complaining about this? This is ridiculous and nothing more than the usual, stereotypical misrepresentation of Catholic teaching on human sexuality…if you consider sex to be something sacred for reasons that are more than just theological then you are going to enact a policy that reflects this. Why is this so shocking to people? If sexual misconduct is a category used for the abuse of sexuality, then rape falls under that category. It doesn’t mean that the school is saying that rape is only as egregious as pre-marital sex, contraception, etc. Of course rape is a heinous crime. Where else should they place it in the handbook then?? Please people, grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t go to CUA. Go to a secular institution or a “Catholic” school that is Catholic in name only…like Georgetown.

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  4. Things COULD be so much worse, but they could also most certainly be better.

    As for the whole Catholic thing again, seriously: not everyone that goes to Georgetown is Catholic. In fact, the majority of students are not Catholic.

  5. CAtholic Church is really helping out in the area of human life and as it affect the youths in our society today, I too found the article very educataive and helpful.

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