With students away, the olds will play

This is how all Georgetown students look to D.C. residents over 30

Newsflash Georgetown students: The Post‘s snitty little sister, Express, and real Washingtonians aren’t too fond of us.

You see, like cicadas, these actual D.C. residents lay in wait so long you almost forget they exist, only to reappear in droves during the brief window between our departure and the arrival of the summer interns to enjoy the cornucopia of fun that is Georgetown nightlife unperturbed by the underage masses. Except their patronage patterns aren’t a function of a peculiar life cycle; rather, they’re a testament to just how revolting we are.

Or at least that’s how Express sees it:

Now is the time, residents of the District, to swoop in and enjoy Georgetown — this weekend marked the end of the Georgetown school year.

Before the interns ruin everything — for what is an intern but a college student with a smug smile and a government ID? — take advantage of the bars and happy hours that normally don’t seem worth wading through the crowds of drunken 18-year-olds with their hats on backward for.


The blog We Love DC caught the Express item and added:

I have to admit, some of my most fun nights of going all-out have been at Mr. Smiths, and if I can do that without getting hit on by a 20-year old psych major? Yes, please …

So what about you? Any Georgetown bars or places you’d like to hit up while we’ve got a respite from the ususal [sic] smattering of denim mini skirts and Miller Lite drinking frat boys?

Whoa, tone it down there, I can hardly handle such effusive outpourings of affection!

10 Comments on “With students away, the olds will play

  1. “The Post’s snitty little sister, Express, and real Washingtonians aren’t to [sic] fond of us.”

    Newsflash Georgetown students, not many people are fond of you.

    I’m under 30 and I just graduated college last year, and I’d rather not be subjected to the mini skirts and frat boy types that congregate around the mini skirts. It’d be nice to be able to go shopping *in* the district without having to worry about being shoved off the sidewalk into traffic by some obtrusive college guy who thinks he is the almighty and has the right of way. The girls are even worse – the glares I see emanating from their eyes are so uppity and spoiled that I want to smack them. I didn’t want to hang out with that type in college, and I don’t want to be around them after.

    Yes, there are probably some decent people at Georgetown – this isn’t directed at you.

  2. “The girls are even worse – the glares I see emanating from their eyes are so uppity and spoiled that I want to smack them.”

    Wait, I’m confused—who makes drinking and shopping in Georgetown an unpleasant experience?

    Oh, the brat who gets so peeved about having to maneuver around beefcakes on the sidewalk that it causes her a paragraph worth of grief and ruins her shopping experience. Sorry for existing, ‘subjecting’ you to our skirts, and, God forbid, shopping within a mile of where we live in groups that are inconveniently sized.

  3. The We Love DC blogger did only move here in 2007. That could make her less-qualified as a “real Washingtonian” than a junior at Georgetown.

  4. You clearly have no idea what kind of person attends school at Georgetown.

    Maybe you’re confusing us with GW?

    Regardless, none of these places would be around without us college students pouring tens of millions of dollars into them, so you’re welcome.

  5. Fact check of “for reals”:

    Actually, she didn’t move here in 2007. She never moved here. She moved to Arlington, but claims that she’s in DC.

    So not only has she spent less time in this city than any of the juniors, she’s never actually lived IN THE CITY.

  6. The best part about these posts is that neither bar is really all that college. Maybe Third Edition, but in all honesty?

    Enjoy the same exact twenty-something yuppie crowd you’d experience at any other time of year.

  7. Mal – Georgetown has frats? I thought our ‘frats’ were academic and, with the exception of the Foreign Service, have no houses. Mal, where did you go to college? Did you go to Wichita State? Or somewhere reputable, like Bucknell or Trinity? You strike me as the Trinity type, but not one of the preppy ones. Rather, you were the one who wanted to go to Vassar or Colby or even Williams. But there you were, senior year of high school, the only girl without a dance card. So Trinity it was. But now, big Mal, you’re making it in the city. You’re partying it up with sweet briatches in Georgetown bars, the epitome of the style you so loathed at Trinity. And you’re making it on your own, pulling down 45K to 50K on your liberal arts cum pre-law degree. And all you want, all you want is to meet a nice rumpled lady and have a conversation. That’s all. But along comes brosef and his Georgetown ‘frat’ boys. And boom! The girl, the job and the Trinity degree are nothing. Shizat Mal, shizat! If only you could duck into Abercrombie without being boxed out of the dressing room by a bro and his brooster trying to get dangerous. If only you could talk Fitzgerald (you two have a certain affinity, don’t you?) and Faulkner over summer ale at Dean and Deluca. Why, why must Georgetown students crash your party and make yours a life we could never lead?

  8. Welcome to DC, nobody likes anybody, especially YOU.

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