Concert Calendar: Forensics, X, A Place To Bury Strangers

l_683a9a30db4c472a9cbfe88c52143c0eForensics are kinda like this.


Have something traumatic happen to you recently? Head over to Forensics’ show and see what they can do for you. They may not be able to find the man who stole your 80 GB iPod from your gym locker, but their slick and sludgy brand of heavy rock will be sure to make you forget about it for at least a night. They riff, they jam, they yell, and they flat out kick ass. Make sure to pick up their full length Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway at the Black Cat show, if you have some spare change from the $8 ticket price.


Dinosaur Jr. made a sound that was incredibly unique, as they were one of the main influences of the 90’s rock outfits that loved to rock the melodic guitar lines over some grungy filler. I Was A King revert to the Jr. sound, throwing in a little My Bloody Valentine for good measure (but, who isn’t nowadays), and they bring the atmospheric rock like no other. Go see what all the hype is about at the Black Cat with $10 in hand.


Who knows how Gregory Isaacs is still ‘jommin’ after all these years, but having one of the most exquisite voices in reggae, we’re glad he hasn’t shaved off the dreadlocks yet (figuratively speaking, he can probably still sing well without the hair… because it’s already gone). With more than 500 releases, this man can surely put on a good show, so go dig it at the 9:30 Club for $25 before he gives it up entirely.


The 9:30 Club must be in the mood this week for jumping back in time, as their next show is the collective entitled X, the quintessential L.A. punk outfit. This time around, they’re playing with the entire original lineup: John Doe, Billy Zoom, Exene Cervenka, and DJ Bonebrake. Don’t you miss when punk rock could be fun and aggressive, when you didn’t have to choose between the pop-glorifying Fall Out Boy and the nihilistic/anarchist tendencies of real punk bands like Green Day (‘laughter’). $25 will get you admittance to this once in a lifetime show.

A Place To Bury Strangers were always somewhat of an enigmatic band to me. They play a really weird mash up of noises that I don’t even want to call music, but that would be too critical of me. Regardless, their 2007 self-titled release is glorious. Mixing a new wave, Joy Division-esque vocalist, with noises that wouldn’t feel misplaced on the newest Pitchfork hype (because… they were Pitchfork hyped), the bleeps and bloops bring a whole new atmosphere to a band that could have just sounded like Interpol 2.0. $12 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel.

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