The 10 Year Campus Plan: See it for yourself

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If your campus plan appetite was whetted by Molly’s post yesterday and you need something to tide you over until tomorrow when Kate Mays tackles the student housing issues discussed at the meeting, check out the album of potential plans Vox scanned from a packet distributed at Saturday’s meeting.  All the plans are still in the totally tentative stage—as one of the architects put it, this “sort of looks like a plan and smells like a plan … It is not a plan”—but fascinating nonetheless.

The outside architectural firm working on the 2010 Campus Plan, Cooper, Robertson & Partners, has surveyed campus and identified the little free space we have left that could be developed.  Obviously not all the areas they’ve identified will be developed, but it’s interesting to see what they’ve got their eyes on.  Besides the implications for student housing, there are also interesting clues about what might happen with campus roads, the library, parking and athletic facilities.

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