ANC Wrapup: Never too soon to fret over hypothetical nightclubs

The image that haunts ANC Commissioners’ nightmares

The big excitement last night was supposed to be a resolution on same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia, but that was pulled from the agenda at the last minute in an effort to better coordinate with the local gay rights movement, according to Georgetown Metropolitan. According to the University’s student Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11), the resolution will probably be introduced in a few months.

With the same-sex marriage discussion postponed, the meeting’s major drama was anxiety over a new restaurant opening at 3251 Prospect Street, the former home of Georgetown Billiards. The company that purchased the space also owns Eyebar, which is much more of a nightlife destination than a culinary enterprise, putting neighbors who fear a massive club rat invasion into tizzy.

According to ANC Commissioner Bill Starrels, the Voluntary Agreement (the pact an establishment makes with the ANC that determines the conditions alcohol can be served under) Georgetown Billiards had was “very, very strict” and will apply to the new “restaurant” unless they file for a new one. As of the last time Starrels checked, they hadn’t filed for any substantial changes to the Voluntary Agreement, but he will be meeting with them Monday to discuss their plans for the space.

Starrels tried to assure the community that because of the Voluntary Agreement the new business “cannot be party central, cannot be a nightclub; it would be virtually impossible for them to legally run anything other than a restaurant.”  But neighbors still had concerns that the company was going to stealthily transform it into a private club. The issue will be discussed further at the next ANC meeting.

Besides the preemptive hand-wringing over the new restaurant, the ANC also unanimously conferred a commendation on Denise Cunningham, stalwart student noise nemesis, for her two-and-a-half years of service as Citizens Association of Georgetown President, praising her “persistence” and encouragement of “cooperation between all elements of the community.”

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