Twuesday Tweetacular: Meaty!

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JT2 eating lunch with shorter folk @ Gtown. Everyone's eating steak and salmon. Big Man orders a burger. What an American.Former Voicer Phil Perry was impressed by JT Jr.’s patriotic lunch choice.

So there's this new thing? I'm wondering if Vittles has heard of it. It's called "meat other than bacon or beef."picture-22Mara Hollander was unimpressed by the little store’s meat options.

Service journalism hits rock bottom. I hope you're proud of yourself, City Paper. That was an awful article. Not even the Indy would run something like that! *wink*Vox Editor Emeritus Molly Redden called out everyone’s favorite alt weekly for their train wreck of a cover story, giving former Independent Managing Editor Meredith Ponder a chance to enlighten us about the Indy’s publishing standards.

Reading old Corp UM e-mails. Crying.Jillian Duran realized that time makes even the mundane stirringly sentimental.

went onto campus for a total of 15 minutes this morning and got caught up in georgetown bureaucracy. some things never change.Leslie Gordon found that Georgetown’s bureaucratic ineptitude is forever.

4 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Meaty!

  1. As always, take a shot at a Corp service. So needless. Rather than Twitter about it, why doesn’t PhilPerry just talk to someone at the store? Maybe there’s a good reason for no meat. Or maybe they’ll start getting some. Is Twitter the best way to air this grievance? Of course not. But heaven forbid the Voice actually write something of quality or value. It’s much easier to just pull random shit off a different website.

  2. Sorry, Mara Hollander was the one who decided to take to the interwebs with a simple grocery store request.

  3. Dude…get over yourself. Seriously, it’s Twitter. If I cared enough to complain to the Corp, I’d do it (I did it that same night about moldy cheese, actually).

    And, as a point of reference, I am one of those people who buys 3-4 cups of coffee a day from the Corp during the year. I have a healthy respect for the organization. Please watch what you accuse people of; I am just as easily insulted by strangers on the internet as you are, apparently.

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