Georgetown devoting more than $2 million to Yellow Ribbon program

A few weeks ago, we found out that Georgetown was going to be participating the Yellow Ribbon program, a voluntary tuition assistance program for veterans. The program allows private colleges to enter into dollar-for-dollar matching agreements with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help cover tuition expenses that exceed the highest in-state tuition rate (which is the base amount covered by the G.I. Bill).

Well, the University has just announced the amount we’ll be contributing through the program (all figures listed are how much Georgetown will pay on top of need-based financial aid and existing G.I. Bill benefits, and will be matched by the VA) :

  • Undergraduates at the Main Campus will receive $1,000
  • Graduate students (including Law Center and Medical School students) will receive $2,500
  • The School of Continuing studies has budgeted $13,400 for up to 75 students in the undergraduate program and $10,700 for up to 100 students in the master’s program
  • Overall, the University “will make more than $2 million in tuition and fee benefits available” to eligible veterans through the program

With more than 170 veterans enrolled at Georgetown last year, it’s definitely a stand-up move for Georgetown to voluntarily enter into such an agreement, especially given our current financial state. But with George Washington University a couple of blocks over agreeing to cover veteran’s undergraduate tuition completely (which means an $18,000 contribution per student), it’s hard not to feel like Georgetown could have done a little more.

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