Lauinger Library, anonymous sex mecca?

Lau, you filthy, filthy library, you!

Over at one of City Paper‘s blogs, the Sexist, Amanda Hess has been doing a series on glory holes and public sex in D.C. in honor of “Glory Hole Month.” Today, she set her sights on the offerings of local colleges. She used postings from Gay Universe, a now-deserted website from the internet’s infancy (circa 1999/2000), to highlight the top spots for anonymous gay sex.

What was Georgetown’s glory hole destination? Lauinger Library! Unfortunately, while you can still see Lau listed on the page of D.C. Cruise Spots (NSFW), the actually thread about it has been lost in the sands of internet time. Tragically, it looks like we’ll never know exactly what Lau’s turn-of-the-millennium sex scene was like…

Libraries were the most frequently cited collegiate cruise spots, with AU and Gallaudet’s making the list as well. Particularly entertaining is the section about GW, which cites both Bell and Corcoran Hall as sex spots gone sour. In 2000, Corcoran recommended thusly: “Loud door makes time for recovery. Lots of hot GW studs await at both the urinal, and the stalls!” But two years later someone warned, “WATCH FOR UNDERCOVER COPS!!!!! ESPECIALLY ON THE WEEKENDS. I DON’T GO THERE ANY MORE, I’VE SEEN TO MANY MEN GET ARRESTED. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.”

Photo from Flickr user decaf, used under a Creative Commons license.

22 Comments on “Lauinger Library, anonymous sex mecca?

  1. I will refer you to this classic Vox post, which features photographic evidence.

    I think things might have changed, though. Last year, some guy exposed himself in the 1st floor bathroom and the exposee was not pleased.

  2. The real question though — has Carl Monday already launched an investigation into sexual deviancy at Lau or will he wait until Fall sweeps?

  3. Man, am I glad that the Hoya’s profits keep you guys afloat. Otherwise, we would never get completely worthless crap like this.

  4. Oh yeah, Scott, all the money is costs to run this blog must be astronomical. Don’t you have a blatantly-racist-humor issue to write, or something?

  5. You must have run out of things to write about, because this issue has already been reported on multiple times in the past couple of years, including by this very publication, as Will Sommer pointed out.

  6. Says Repeat, who clearly has not actually clicked on Will’s link.

  7. god, where do all these haters come from? And dont they have anything better to do than leave snide remarks on what is indisputably Georgetown’s best blog? I mean, you can’t even compare Vox and the Hoya’s “blog”, which is little more than a glorified news feed.

    besides, I think that periodically discussing the seedier side of campus makes for great, even useful reading. I’ve heard myself that Lau’s lower level isnt what it used to be. Not that i’ve, err, had personal experience or anything…

    But if you ARE curious about the male hookup scene, just search “georgetown” in the craigslist m4m personals, especially during the school year. Its stunning how many “gtown bros” are looking for “discrete fun”. (sometimes explicitly in Lau, lol) It makes you wonder just how many closeted guys we have here on campus.

  8. Can someone please explain to me what a ‘glory hole’ is? I’m pretty curious, but am way to scared to look it up on google or urbandictionary.

    This is a serious request and the fact that there have been a bunch of articles regarding this but that it’s NEVER BEEN EXPLAINED is telling about the lacking QUALITY OF JOURNALISM *ahem* both on the hoya AND voice sides.

    Many thanks, responsible journalists.

  9. 1st floor Lauinger men’s bathroom has been pretty infamous for quite a time. I used to work down on the 1st floor. Let’s just say that people…linger…a bit more in the stalls there than in every other bathroom I’ve seen. Some interesting sounds too.

    Sometimes sites just persist, tradition long outliving utility and long after being on the radar. For example, the stretch of 4th Street NW near NY Ave and 395 has been a transvestite prostitute stomping ground for over a decade and a half, despite the growth in residential units and foot traffic in the neighborhood.

    But then again, friends and acquaintances in the past have had sex between the stacks in far more open places, so this isn’t exactly exotic.

  10. @Ryan

    like… they have sex in the stalls? people are masturbating in there? Prostitutes are working that corridor right outside the bathroom?

    Enough with the euphemisms. They are more trouble than they are worth.

  11. Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  12. Hey LQ,

    Urbandictionary dot com, dude. I’m gonna guess you wanna bookmark it.

  13. those closeted future politicians have to go somewhere. The first floor of lau is infamous and from comments I’ve heard alumni make, has been for quite some time. however this is definitely old news.

  14. Old news but good news. My question is where the new glory holes are, as Lau seems to have fallen out of favor.

  15. Referring to Mecca as a metaphor for an anonymous sex hotspot can be considered extremely offensive. Par for the course for Georgetown brahs.

  16. @Prab: When capitalized, the word does refer to the city of Mecca; when lowercase, though, it means “any place that many people visit or hope to visit. i.e. Hollywood is a mecca for would-be actors and actresses.”

  17. Best comment thread ever? Best comment thread ever.

  18. Removing Mecca’s capitalization broadens its usage, but it doesn’t change its etymology. That’s why its use in THIS context–glory holes et. al–can be considered extremely offensive. You can understand that without resorting to a dictionary, I’m sure.

  19. the voice as georgetown “brahs”? really?

  20. Someone. Tell me. Immediately.

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