Safeway construction makes progress, annoys neighbors

safewayconstruction1You’ve come a long way, baby

The Wisconsin Ave. Safeway has been closed for about a month and a half and construction has started in earnest.

Unsurprisingly, it’s already started to irk the neighbors. On the GeorgetownForum listerv, a resident named Michael wrote yesterday:

Construction vehicles at the 1855 Wisconsin Ave site started at 6:30 AM today with their beep beep beep alarms, audible from at least 2 blocks away. Tuesday June 9 they finished after 11:15 PM. Are there limits on when construction activity can occur and if so, who’s responsible for enforcing them? How can the community assure the volume of the beep beep beep be muffled so they can be heard on site and not 2 or more blocks away from the site?

No one is against construction activity if it really has to proceed late at night. The community wants a grocery store sooner rather than later. It seems we can have both the construction activity and reasonable noise levels in the neighborhood. Any ideas?

Now that’s a pretty reasonable complaint, especially by local listerv standards. According to Safeway’s website (, I kid you not…), they’re doing special nighttime construction this week, so that may explain the after hours beeping. Still, it’s going to be a long year on the listservs…

How’s the actual construction going, though, you might wonder. The ever-obliging Safeway has set up a construction webcam which is updated daily with a new, impressively high-resolution photo of the site. So now you can stare longingly at the mound of dirt, remembering the good old days when it used to house actual groceries, as you try to figure out what else to add to your online cart to get to the $50 free-delivery threshold…

Photo from Safeway’s construction webcam.

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