Twuesday Tweetacular: Out of the ordinary

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A little boy who only speaks Turkish just ran around @vitalvittles picking up change from the floor and then put it all in my tip bowl.Kristin Janiszewski had a strange encounter while working at Vittles.

Some of the GU Cleaning Staff is currently going through my recycling taking all my returnables and snapping off tabs from cans. Hmm.Did Fitz Lufkin notice odd behavior from the cleaning staff, or just a little overzealousness?

According to the federal government, the Heckler is a newspaper. Stuef found that the Feds hold the Heckler in greater esteem than Georgetown’s administration does.

amused that there's a wine store called BACCHUS (my patron saint of course) on wisconsin aveScott Chessare was pleasantly surprised by a Wisconsin Ave. wine shop. Noelker found out that JT III’s putting in time as a telemarketer.

3 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Out of the ordinary

  1. I think the snapping off tabs from cans is one of those fundraising things for elementary school. If you collect enough, you can get serious cash because they’re made with much more metal than the can.

  2. can we ask people to temporarily stop twittering about the minutiae of their day. This small thing from enough people goes a long way in freeing up the sites bandwidth for the folks in Iran.

  3. I got that call too. It was a nice touch, and didn’t ask for any money if I remember correctly.

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