Georgetown BID splurges on extra police presence, possibly a camera system

The Georgetown Business Improvement District, an association of neighborhood business owners, is devoting $100,000 to hire off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood, according to the Georgetown Current (PDF).  According to the article, the BID is hoping an increased police presence will mitigate the uptick in criminal activity that general accompanies economic downturns.

“Unfortunately when the economy goes down, criminal activity goes up,” said Crystal Sullivan, the vice president of the group’s board …  “The intent is that we will have a greater police presence in the peak hours of the Georgetown community.”

[BID director of operations John] Wiebenson declined to say what times of day the officers are working, saying it could reduce the program’s effectiveness.

The BID already has six officers on foot patrol through its existing reimbursable police detail program. According to some estimations by the Georgetown Metropolitan, the $100,000 would probably cover one additional officer for a year (or perhaps two if the BID is participating in the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration’s matching program). The off-duty officers have full arrest powers.

According to the article, the BID also budgeted $10,000 to study the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of installing a camera system.

Via the Georgetown Metropolitan.

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