The District Digest: Same-sex marriage showdown

The D.C. Board of Elections ruled that the newly passed law recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states is not subject to a referendum vote. The board ruled that if a referendum were allowed on the issue, they would be “authorizing discrimination.” Gay marriage opponents who had been fighting for the referendum immediately filed a lawsuit with the D.C. Superior Court. They’ve also asked the judge to “stop the clock” to prevent the new law from coming into effect on July 6.

The D.C. Council debated two competing anti-crime bills. The more hard-line bill, backed by Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) and Georgetown’s Councilmember Jack Evans (D—Ward 2) included a “civil gangs injunction” that raised civil rights and racial profiling concerns. The other bill, backed by Councilmember Phil Mendelson (D—At Large) was pretty similar but more ACLU-friendly and ultimately won out.

The hearing for Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter James von Brunn was delayed due to his medical condition (he was shot in the face during his attack). It was also revealed that in addition to being a white supremacist, von Brunn was also into child pornography. The D.C. Council also passed a resolution urging prosecutors to charge von Brunn with violating the city’s hate crime statue in addition to his federal charges.

After the jump: Michelle Rhee reaches the terrible twos, D.C. Voting Rights foe gets a nice helping of karma, and more!

This week marked the two year anniversary of Michelle Rhee becoming Chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools system. The Post marked the occasion by running a lengthy, A1 story chronicling and evaluating her tenure thus far. Rhee celebrated with an end of the year pink-slip spree.

D.C. residents enjoyed a large helping of schadenfreude when John Ensign (R—Nev.), the Senator responsible for the anti-gun control amendment that ultimately killed the D.C. House of Representatives Voting Rights Act, admitted to an extramarital affair.

The Examiner ran a very disturbing story about diplomats “enslaving” their household workers. Because of their diplomatic immunity, they can often get away with human trafficking.

The National Transportation Planning Board unanimously added the Purple Line to its long-range transportation plan!

A D.C.-area mother’s search for a Lil Wayne impersonator for her son’s birthday results in one of the most hilarious Craigslist ads ever:

My son is turning 16 and really wanted Lil Wayne to perform for his birthday gala. Unfortunately his schedule will not permit him to make it. I need a Lil Wayne impersonator desperately.

Here is the kicker my son is blind so you do not need to look like the rapper just sound like him. I understand he grunts and mumbles a lot. I don’t care if you are 67 and Jewish if you can sing the songs you’re hired. Money is not an issue. Name your price. Interested individuals please let me know your rap experience, video of you performing as Lil Wayne would be better. If that is not feasible we can arrange for a live audition.

Serious inquiries only, this is very important to my family. Young Money Baby!

Photo from Flickr user Scubaben, used under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. I’m Lil wayne biggest fan. I know every word to every song he has every recorded

  2. Yeah. It actually looks like “a storm is gathering.” NOM NOM NOM

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