Twuesday Tweetacular: Poor hospitality for Paul Rudd

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omgz 1of the lesinterns threw up on paul rudd in gtown! lolz as i remember some1 threw up on my mom in russia. only, she's not famous.Scott Chessare witnessed a major intern gaffe involving the very dreamy Paul Rudd.

Saw a GERMS ambulance blasting "I'm on a Boat" today. Great to be back at Georgetown.Nick Bunker was glad to get back to a place where the ambulances appreciate T-Pain.

Where is If I wanted Parallels Plesk Panel I would have searched for it in Google. The Hoya: Gtown newspaper of record '20-'09?Kent Strader wondered what’s become of

@alexarozell "hey are you kids grad students? oh no, you must be in med school! is that your degree around your neck? it's a lanyard? oh..."Alexandra Miller was flummoxed by some summer campers.

Words i've heard while reading in the new msb building: breakout room, productivity, webinar broadcastFormer Voice Publisher Michael Keller found the new MSB building very buzzword-y.

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