Father King remembered at 11:15 Mass; funeral to be held Saturday

11:15 Memorial Mass for Father King

About 50 students, alumni and other members of the Georgetown community attended Tuesday evening’s impromptu 11:15 p.m. Mass in honor of Father Thomas King. Father King, who passed away earlier that evening, was renown on campus for hosting late night Mass everyday during the school year.

Addressing the crowd, the Priest conducting Mass in Dahlgren Chapel said, “It is a difficult moment for all of us. It is a difficult thing to have to come at the spur of the moment to mourn. And yet, we are here. We join together to remember him.”

The Priest also said that he had spoken to Father King’s brother, who told him that the funeral will be held on Saturday, but that the exact time has not yet been decided. It will take place at Dahlgren Chapel, unless a larger than capacity crowd is expected.

After Mass, mourners gathered in Dahlgren Quad to share their memories of King.

“He really embodied something for the Georgetown community,” Michael Bober (SFS ’02) said. “It meant a lot that the [11:15 Mass] was here every day, even if you weren’t.”

Others remembered King as a “wonderful” and “saintly” man who was “eminently caring and understanding.”

Matthew Smith (COL ’09) recalled the lecture Father King gave in his final Problem of God class.

“When he talked about dying, he talked about letting go of everything and being one with God ,” Smith said. “He was fascinated by the mystery [of the afterlife] and it’s comforting that now he knows.”

One Comment on “Father King remembered at 11:15 Mass; funeral to be held Saturday

  1. Here are some additional details:

    Friday, 3-5pm & 7-9pm
    Wolfington Hall (Jesuit Community)

    Funeral Mass
    Saturday, 9am
    Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart

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